Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy Holidays

Hi Everyone:)

I hope everyone is keeping warm this winter. It has been below freezing temps here. We had an inch of snow yesturday. It feels more like Christmas. I have my decorating done, cookies made, Christmas cards sent out and all of my gifts are wrapped. I am ready for Christmas:) My moms dog is about to have puppies any day now. I hope she has them on Christmas. I would name them Holly, Jolly and Chris if she has 3 puppies:) She might have 4. I am trying my best to keep my Horses warm. They have heavy blankets on them and Destiny doesn't like the snow much. I brought her and her turn out buddy in early yesturday. My boys on the other hand were having a ball playing in the snow so I left them out until dinner time. I will be spending the holiday with family and I can't wait to see everyone. I will be seeing relatives I haven't seen in a while. This will be a nice Christmas:)

I hope you and your families have a Safe and Happy Holiday and Best of Luck in the new year:)

Merry Christmas:)

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