Monday, January 4, 2010

How To Make Your Own Catalog

Handmade sellers can boost sales by creating a catalog of the items they sell and their shop and website can be listed in the catalog. You can lay them out at craft shows, put them in promo bags and hand them out at craft fairs, send them with your customers orders, and hand them out to family and friends. Some people don't own a computer or know how to shop online. If you give out catalogs they can order your handmade items by mail. People who have a copy of your catalog can show it to their family and friends and so on. Catalogs will open up a new opportunity of making sales just like your online shop and craft shows.

I make my own catalog using my home computer. Just go to word perfect and select book format. To make an order form for your catalog just add coloms and rows in grid form. In the coloms put qty. , item , total, etc. Then add a section for your shipping charges, customer name and address, your name and address, and forms of payment you accept. Add pictures of your items and a description about the item and the price. Making it yourself is the cheapest way to go. The only expenses are paper and ink for the printer/copier. You can also take a copy of your catalog to a print shop and have them make copies for you.

I will be posting alot more how to articals. I wish everyone the best of luck and many sales. Thank you for reading my blog and have a nice day:)

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